Dave Noel

Vice President of Capital Construction and Facilities

Dave Noel is vice president of capital construction and facilities. He is responsible for the management and planning of facility operations and capital construction projects, including the new 126,000-square-foot LEED Platinum addition to the Museum building. He is the principal officer directing the Museum’s efforts to develop a long-term sustainability and energy strategy.

Noel joined the Museum in 2004 and served as vice president of technology, planning and managing the implementation of all technology resources. Before this time, Noel spent 30 years working in the petroleum industry, including as president and CEO of IHS Energy Group, a $125 million international data information services company, and as president of PetroWeb, a technology information services company. Noel received his BS in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of Kansas, and he is a charter graduate of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Executive Energy Leadership Program.

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