The survey will be carried out through sponsored collecting field trips. Only those people who have already taken either a Colorado Spider Survey (CSS) training workshop or a spider biology class taught by Paula Cushing (or by an arachnologist in another state) can participate in these collecting field trips.

The specimens collected during these field trips as well as specimens that have been collected by CSS participants since the project's inception are sent to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS) for identification and storage. Data from these specimens as well as from Colorado specimens housed at other collections throughout the country will be compiled and published in the electronic database.

Unless otherwise indicated, contact Paula Cushing at 303-370-6442 or [email protected] to register for CSS events. Only those who have already taken a CSS training workshop or spider biology class can participate in the collecting field trips or in the spider identification parties.


Upcoming training events, lectures, and classes:

None at this time


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