Discovery Zone

The Discovery Zone—made possible by Kaiser Permanente—is bursting with activities that help build a strong foundation of science skills in young children as they look, ask, discover, make, and share.

Exhibits, activities, and programs focus on science process skills, such as observing, quantifying, inquiring, analyzing, creating, and communicating. Children can "excavate" fossils, manipulate and observe water in action, experiment with building methods and materials, and conduct investigations and create art projects.

New! It's time for show-and-tell, Museum-style! Kid Curator is a chance to share a treasure from your personal nature and science collection. Simply select your (safe, portable, not expensive) favorite item, and join us in Discovery Zone on the fourth Saturday of the month. A Museum educator will be on hand to host kids of all ages as they sit in fancy chairs and talk into a microphone about why their treasure is so cool. Times: 9:30 a.m. or 3:30 p.m. Dates: October 27, November 24, December 22. 

Our youngest guests also enjoy these areas of the Museum:

  • AstroTot Training, Space Odyssey, Level 1: Strap on a jet-pack and take off for space from the kid-sized shuttle flight deck.
  • Tykes Peak, Expedition Health, Level 2: Get moving with multisensory experiences, such as shadow play and testing your heartbeat.
  • Wildlife Halls, Levels 2 & 3: Count baby animals, hunt for colors, and get up close to kid-sized statues of black bear cubs and a fur seal pup in Bears and Sea Mammals Hall.
  • Camp PaleoPals, Prehistoric Journey, Level 3: Explore puppets, books, puzzles, and real fossils that get kids excited about our ancient world.


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