Not Taking Care of Your Teeth is a Mammoth Mistake!

Did you know that cavities are the most common chronic childhood disease? They account for more than 51 million hours of school absenteeism nationally every year. Here in Colorado, more than 55 percent of our third graders have had cavities, and 15 percent have cavities that have not been treated. And yet it is almost completely preventable if children have regular access to dental care.


Delta Dental of Colorado is working to make cavities extinct. By supporting the temporary exhibition, Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Delta Dental is emphasizing the importance of early preventive oral health care. The massive tusks of the mammoths and mastodons on display offer a fun way to have a conversation about your own oral health care.


“Our support will help further our shared passion with the Museum for educating children and families in Colorado and advancing the science of eliminating cavities for future generations,” said Kate Paul, President and CEO of Delta Dental of Colorado. “We love seeing all the smiling faces of the children as they visit the exhibition, and we hope to see even more smiles in the future as we successfully treat this preventable disease.”


For 55 years, Delta Dental of Colorado has provided dental benefits to Colorado residents and worked to improve their oral health by emphasizing preventive care. Since 1997, the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation has worked to eradicate cavities in the state’s children by supporting and partnering with organizations dedicated to improving oral health and education. Over the past seven years, the foundation has contributed more than $12 million to programs that have developed creative, longterm approaches to preventing cavities in Colorado’s children.


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