Membership Cards and Admission

Q: I'm planning to visit the Museum for the first time since becoming a member. Where do I check in?
A: If you are visiting the Museum only, simply use your membership card and photo ID to check in with the ticket takers. If you are attending an IMAX or Planetarium show, please stop by the Member Lane to purchase your tickets at the member discount.

What should I do if I don't have my card when I visit?
A: Stop by the Member Lane to receive a members day pass (ID required). If you've lost your card, you may request a new one by stopping by the Member Lane or calling 303.370.6306.

Q: I just purchased my membership and was told a benefit of my membership is a certain number of free guest tickets. How will I receive these tickets?
A: If you purchased your membership on our website or in response to a mailer that was sent to your home, your guest tickets can be viewed, used, and shared through your eCard or through your Museum webstore account, or you can stop by the Members Lane to have them printed. If you purchased your membership at the Museum, your guest tickets would have been provided to you at the time of purchase.

Can I use my membership card for a school visit?
A: No, membership admission cannot be used for school group admission because the Museum requires additional resources for hosting school groups that are not covered by your membership.

Can I let my relatives or neighbors use my membership?
A: No; memberships are nontransferable and can be used by only the individuals listed on the membership cards. Photo ID is required.

I'm a grandparent with a Family membership. Can my adult children use my membership to bring the grandkids?
A: No, memberships are nontransferable. The membership cards are intended only for those whose names are on the cards.

Do my children get their own membership cards?
A: Only the adults on a membership are issued cards. The number of cards issued is based on the membership level.

Additional Person

Q: How much does the Additional Person cost and who is covered under it?
A: It costs $20 (flat rate) and is ideal for members with caregivers. It is only available for purchase on Dual levels of Membership and above.

Do they receive their own card?
A: Yes; because the additional person must be named, they are issued a card just like the primary and secondary adult members. They may pick up their plastic card on their next/first visit to the Museum or download the eCard (www.dmns.org/ecard) by confirming their name and the primary phone number on the membership

Does the Additional Person run the span of the membership?
A: It runs the full year of the primary cardholders membership or until the membership expires and must be renewed annually.

Does the Additional Person have to be named?
A: Yes, only the designated named individual can utilize the member benefits.

What benefits does the Additional Person receive?
A: They receive all benefits associated on your membership. They can bring the children named on the membership, as in the case with a caregiver.

Reciprocal Membership

Q: Can I use my membership to get a discount at other museums?
A: Yes, your Denver Museum of Nature & Science membership allows you entry or discounts to more than 300 science museums worldwide through the Association of Science-Technology Centers Passport Program. Click here for a list of participating science museums.

Are there exclusions for the Association of Science-Technology Centers Passport Program?
A: Science museums located within 90 miles of each other are excluded from the Passport Program benefits.

Q: Can I use my membership to visit the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery?
A: Yes, Family Plus members and above receive free admission to the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.

Membership Levels

Q: Are grandchildren covered by the Family membership?
A: A Family membership is for two adults living at the same address and their own children (ages 3 to 18 years old). We offer a Grandparent level for two adults living at the same address plus four of their own grandchildren, ages 3-18 years old.

Do I have to be present for someone to use the guest tickets that come with the membership?
A: No, the member does not have to be present for a guest to use the tickets.

I'm 66 and my wife is 60. Which Dual membership should I purchase?
A: The Senior Dual level. Only one member needs to be 65 years old.

Are children admitted free up to a certain age?
A: Children under age 3 are admitted for free.


Q: Why does the Museum request my e-mail address?
A: For starters, to be green! Communicating with our members via our monthly e-newsletter saves the Museum printing, mailing, and postage costs, as well as a tree or two. Also, members on our e-mail list are the first to find out about activities and events, Museum news and behind-the-scenes stories from our scientists, and special e-mail-only offers!

What is included in the member e-newsletter and how often is it sent?
A: The monthly Member eNews includes updates on exhibitions, programs, and events, as well as members-only tips and exclusive offers. Click here to sign up for Member eNews.

Does the Museum share my e-mail address?
A: No, the Museum will not share your e-mail address with any outside parties. It is used for official Museum business only.

If I register my e-mail address, how often will I hear from the Museum?
A: When you register your e-mail address, you will receive Member eNews as well as special program and event reminders. If you "manage your preferences," you can decide what and when you want to receive e-mail from us.

Does the Museum share my information with anyone else?
A: E-mail addresses are collected for communication purposes only and are never shared. The Museum does not sell its member/donor information.  However from time to time, the Museum occasionally exchanges mailing addresses of members with other like-minded non-profit organizations.  If you prefer this information not be shared, please contact us at members@dmns.org.  For our full privacy policy, click here.


Q: If I mailed in my renewal notice recently with payment but then received another notice in the mail, did you receive my payment?
A: It takes up to two weeks to receive and process a renewal payment. If you sent in your payment, please disregard the second notice that crossed in the mail.

If I have mailed in my renewal and have not yet received my renewal confirmation letter, can I visit the Museum anyway?
A: Yes, simply stop by the Member Lane. They will verify that your renewal has been received.

Expiration Date

Q: What is the expiration date of my membership?
A: Memberships are valid for 12 months from the time of purchase. The expiration date appears near your name and address on the Magazine mailed to your home and in Member eNews under Your Membership At-a-Glance.


Q: Will there be "member-only" events?
A: Throughout the year, there will be several opportunities for members to visit the Museum at exclusive members-only events. Check out our member events page for upcoming activities.

How can I find out about members-only events?
A: Our events are advertised in the quarterly Catalyst Magazine and through member e-mails. A postcard is mailed for some events.

Address Changes

Q: How can I update my mailing or e-mail address?
A: Send an e-mail to members@dmns.org with your name, address, membership number (if handy), and your changes.

We are moving out of state and have just renewed our Family membership. Can I give my membership to my neighbor's family?
A: Museum memberships are nontransferable. However, you can use your Museum membership for admission to more than 300 science museums nationwide through the Association of Science- Technology Centers Passport Program. Visit www.astc.org to find an institution near your new home.

Gift Memberships

Q: Can I buy a gift membership online?
A: Yes! Go to www.dmns.org/giftmemberships.

Will the gift membership renewals be sent to me?
A: Yes, the first notice is sent to the gift giver. After 30 days, subsequent renewals are sent to the gift recipient.

Tax Deductibility

Q: Are memberships tax-deductible?
A: Yes. Membership contributions are fully tax deductible for the following levels:

Senior Individual
Senior Dual


For memberships purchased in 2015, the tax deductible amount of your membership equals your contribution amount minus the fair market value listed below:

Family - $9

Grandparent - $9

Family Plus - $9

Curator - $87

Explorer - $220

Naturalist - $257

Collector - $257

Campion - $257

Founders - $257

Pioneer/Young Professional level - $173

Innovator/Young Professional level - $328

For memberships purchased in 2016, the tax deductible amount of your membership equals your contribution amount minus the fair market value listed below:

Family - $9

Grandparent - $9

Family Plus - $9

Curator - $83

Explorer - $212

Naturalist - $247

Collector - $247

Campion - $247

Founders - $247

Pioneer/Young Professional level - $172

Innovator/Young Professional level - $334



303.370.6306 or members@dmns.org

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