Ready On Arrival (ROA)

If dipping your toes into volunteerism sounds more doable than taking the full plunge, then Ready on Arrival (ROA) might be the right position for you! ROA volunteers do not have a fixed schedule, but rather the flexibility of choosing shifts that will fit into their schedule from a list of pre-established dates. ROA volunteers help enhance the guest experience during some of our busiest times including free days and nights, spring and summer breaks, the holidays, and special events.

ROA volunteers get a taste of a variety of our current volunteer positions including greeting guests and way-finding as our Ambassadors do; scanning tickets, filling in at exploration stations, and helping with queueing and crowd control in Temporary Exhibits; distributing Peak Passes at the entrance to Expedition Health; providing a welcome and introduction to Prehistoric Journey; and much more. This position requires a great deal of adaptability, as ROA volunteers are asked to fill in wherever we may have gaps in the moment to support daily operations and special events. Duties and responsibilities are assigned upon their arrival at the Museum according to how and where extra assistance is required.

Required Skills
Cheerful disposition; comfortable approaching and assisting guests; highly flexible and versatile when responding to the needs of the Museum and guests; and ability to problem solve and work independently. Bilingual a plus.

On-the-job training by staff and volunteer mentors; occasional formal group trainings and enrichment.

Schedule Requirements
Applicants must be able to volunteer a minimum of five shifts (four & half hours each) within one year. Dates and shift times will be available to choose from and register for in advance. This flexible schedule allows volunteers to choose individual shifts that fit into their busy lives. Shifts are available during free days and nights, spring and summer breaks, the holidays, and special events.

Minimum Age Requirement
Available to individual applicants 14 years of age or older. Younger applicants will be considered with family groups.

How To Apply
Complete the online Ready on Arrival Application.

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