Venus Winds Project

Venus Winds Project Researchers assist Museum planetary scientists by helping to unravel the mysteries of atmospheric circulation patterns on Venus. Using NASA ground-based, infrared telescope imagery, project volunteers measure persistent Venusian cloud features by determining their wind velocity and direction. The goal of the team is to further expand our scientific knowledge and understanding of the Venusian atmosphere and to share these results with the greater scientific community. This position requires strong computer skills, and having experience with Photoshop is a plus. Average time commitment is two to six hours per week of independent research work plus bimonthly meetings at the Museum.

Required Skills
•    Interest in Space Science
•    Strong working knowledge of computers: PC, Mac, or Unix platforms
•    Image analysis skills desired but not essential
•    Ability to work with a team and independently

•    On-the-job training will be provided by the Venus Image team but self-training on certain programs will be necessary

•    Two to six hours per week of independent research
•    Bimonthly meetings at the Museum

Age Requirements
•    Available to individual 15 or older

To apply please fill out the appropriate online form:

Adult Application

Teen Application

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