Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does STEAM stand for?

A: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math


Q: What is the Girls & Science event?

A: Girls & Science is an educational event hosted by the Museum and CBS4. The eventinspires girls (targeting 3rd-8th grade) to discover an interest in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) careers. The event uses an innovative career fair model where girls meet women working in STEAM careers. The women STEAM Career Mentors interact with the girls and their families to provide conversations about their jobs, career paths, education along with hands-on experiences that illustrate “a day in the life” of their jobs.


Q: What is the date for the 2018 Girls & Science event?

A: March 3, 2018, 9am-5pm


Q: How many STEAM Career Mentors and booths will be at the 2018 Girls & Science event?

A: There will be 25 STEAM Career Mentors with their booths, representing 25 different careers in STEAM industries.


Q: Where are the booths for STEAM Career Mentors located in the Museum?

A: The booths are located throughout the Museum.


Q: How many people will be attending the 2018 Girls & Science event?

A: Attendance at each of the past three years has been between 7,000-11,000 people.


Q: What takes place in the STEAM Career Mentor’s booth?

A: Mentors interact with the girls and their families while their booth volunteers provide hands-on experiences that illustrate “a day in the life” of the Mentors’ jobs. The girls learn about the Mentors’ backgrounds, interests, education, and career paths and participate in activities that are directly related to functions and tasks of the Mentors’ jobs.


Q: What type of support does the Museum offer to the STEAM Career Mentors?

A: The Museum is aware that the Mentors may not have experience in informal education and interacting with thousands of children and their families. The Museum’s programming experts have great experience and will work with the Mentors to develop ideas for their booth and their two activities. They will also provide tips and background about ensuring the attendees are comfortable, happy and inspired.   


Q: How will the Museum decide who will make the best STEAM Career Mentor for this event?

A: The Museum’s Selection Committee will review the Mentor applications they feel are strong candidates to be a STEAM Career Mentor for the 2018 event. They will interview a selection of the applicants and make a final decision based on creating an event with a diverse group of STEAM Career Mentors, STEAM careers, and activities. The decision of the Selection Committee will be final.



Q: Why are there changes in the STEAM Career Mentor’s role in 2018 from the Role Models in 2017?

A: The Museum is constantly working to improve the experience of our visitors. After each Girls & Science event, we review data from audience and mentor surveys along with new information about STEAM education trends and the industry pipeline. Based on this information we developed ways to simplify and focus the visitor experience.


Q: How will these changes be reflected in the event and the STEAM Career Mentor’s role in 2018?

A: There will be one STEAM Career Mentor featured in each booth and she will focus her time on conversations with the children and their families.  Only the Mentor’s career will be featured within the booth and the activities. There will be no more than two activities in each booth and they will be based on tasks and/or functions from the Mentor’s job and help demonstrate “a day in the life” of the Mentor’s job.

The Mentor will recruit volunteers (colleagues, friends, etc.) to run the activities. No associations or multiple organizations in one booth will be considered for the 2018 event.

Please see STEAM Career Mentor Requirements in the Request for Participation for more information.

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