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The Water-Life Connection
Searching For Water & Life
Facts About Mars
Also, don't miss the all–new exhibit Space Odyssey. Click for more information.
Water & Life on Mars?
Welcome to the Planet Mars!

We Earthlings have always been fascinated with the Red Planet, and we’ve wondered—in science fiction, in classrooms, in living rooms, and in laboratories—if anything lives there. Space agencies including NASA, ESA (the European Space Agency), and the Japanese Space Agency are even now sending the latest in a series of spacecraft to learn more about Mars and to look for evidence of water and life.

Join us to find out about the water-life connection, as well as how scientists at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and elsewhere are searching for evidence of water and life on Mars. And refresh your knowledge of basic facts about Mars. Also, experience Mars in the Space Odyssey exhibit at the Museum, where you can conduct your own scientific research, interact with “astronauts” as they explore the surface of Mars in the Candor Chasma diorama and see how the Museum’s artists and scientists built the diorama.

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