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Facts About Mars
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Water & Life on Mars?

Space Odyssey exhibit
The ultimate resource is the Mars Outpost and Candor Chasma diorama in the Space Odyssey exhibit at the Museum!

Mars: The Red Planet, by DVD International, is available at the Museum Shop.

Books and Articles
Visit the Museum Shop for these Mars books and more!

  • The Smithsonian Book of Mars, by Joseph M. Boyce
  • Mars: Uncovering the Secrets of the Red Planet, by Paul Raeburn
  • The Planet Mars: A History of Observation and Discovery, by William Sheehan
  • Unraveling the Mysteries of Mars (PDF: 2.1MB),” by Dr. Steven Lee. Requires the free PDF viewer to read.

Mars Exploration Rover Model On Display
A Mars Exploration Rover model is on display in the Central Atrium of the Museum. It looks almost identical to the two originals, "Spirit" and "Opportunity," which successfully landed on Mars in January 2004.

The Mars-bound rovers will explore two different locations, searching for signs of ancient water in the rocks and soil. Each weighs roughly 400 pounds and carries a sophisticated set of scientific instruments, including spectrometers to analyze the composition of the planet.

The Museum's version, created by Scale Model Company of Hawthorne, Calif., is made to look authentic. By using original materials whenever possible and by creating movable parts, the model maker went to great lengths to mimic the real Mars Exploration Rovers.

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Educational activities
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