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Begin your brain-teasing adventure with a greeting from the wacky Mr. E., master brainteaser, puzzler extraordinaire, and current curator of the “Mindbender Society.” He will explain key features of the mansion and how to earn a place in the society by unlocking the codes of select puzzles, or you can explore the mansion on your own.



Puzzlers include:

  • Arrange puzzle pieces to make a yellow square. 
  • From 16 sticks formed in eight triangles, remove four to leave only four equal-size triangles.
  • Place six pegs in holes on a square board so that no peg lines up with another peg along a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line.
  • Move a ring on a rope from one side of the knot to the other, without untying the knot.
  • From 15 sticks arranged in a pattern, remove six of them to leave 10.
  • Use a rope to trace the outline of two houses without crossing or retracing your path. 
  • Arrange numbers 1–9 on the board so that four different equations are mathematically correct. 

Gather clues as you successfully solve certain brainteasers. Set the dials of the Parlor Vault with your clues, and receive a message from Mr. E and watch a short, zany animation about real-life inventor Mary Anderson, who invented the windshield wiper blade in 1903.



The Kitchen features an activity called Feeding Frenzy, where teamwork is necessary to successfully meet the challenge. Fill a minimum of 10 TV dinner trays, with five kinds of food, on a moving conveyer belt within the specified amount of time. Select a level of play that determines the speed of the conveyer belt. Points are given for each TV dinner tray successfully filled.


Puzzlers include:

  • From 16 sticks arranged to form five squares, move two sticks to make four squares. 
  • Arrange numbers 1–8 on the board so that no two consecutive numbers touch. 
  • Balance 14 nails on the head of one nail.
  • Put seven puzzle pieces together to make a cube.

Receive clues when you successfully solve Feeding Frenzy and two brainteasers. Set the dials of the Kitchen Vault with your clues, and receive a message from Mr. E and watch a short, zany animation introducing real-life inventor Elisha Otis, who invented the elevator safety brake in 1854.



Our youngest guests can try out puzzles and games in an area set aside just for them.



The Map Room features an activity called Amazing Maze, where up to four people work together to tilt a table in different directions, guiding a ball into six holes as quickly as possible in the allotted time. A scoreboard keeps tally and counts down the remaining time left in the game.


Puzzlers include:

  • Fit six blocks together so they fit perfectly into a box and the lid can be closed.
  • Place pegs in each of eight boxes so there are 10 pegs in each line. 
  • From a group of differently shaped blocks, find the one block that completely fills all three differently shaped holes as it passes through. 
  • Put together two identically shaped blocks to form a pyramid.

Gather your clues, set the dials of the Kitchen Vault, and receive a message from Mr. E and watch a short, zany animation introducing real-life inventor Elijah McCoy, who invented the steam engine lubricator in 1872.



In the activity Flying Machine, you and others will move a mechanical “flying machine” around a large game board hitting six sequential targets within a set time. Four players work together by maneuvering pulleys to move the flying machine so it lands on each target. If target is hit, it lights up and the next target in the sequence begins to flash.  



Puzzlers include 

  • Arrange four puzzle pieces to make a capital T.
  • Arrange six hexagons around a central hexagon so that all adjacent colors match.
  • Insert numbers 1–9 so that the sum of the three numbers in any straight line is 15. 
  • Arrange four puzzle pieces to form a square or triangle. 
  • Place puzzle pieces so that there is one rider riding each horse correctly.
  • Two players take turns removing pegs from a game board, and the player holding the last peg loses. 

Gather clues as you successfully solve certain brainteasers. Set the dials of the Library Vault with your clues, and receive a message from Mr. E and enjoy a short, zany animation introducing real-life inventor Marion Donovan, who invented the leak-proof diaper cover in 1946.



In Spelling Fever, try to correctly spell answers to trivia questions within a limited time by hopping on letter squares. Figure out the answer (with help from anyone nearby), and spell it out by plotting a course and hopping on the correct letters. You must reach the other end to submit your answer. If its correct, score points and hurry back to the starting point to spell another word, or start a relay with other people to save time and increase total points.  



  • Fit four blocks together in one box so that none of the blocks stick out above the top. 
  • Separate a seemingly solid cross into two pieces and put them together again. 
  • Tie or untie the knot that is in the center of the rope.
  • Separate two linked hearts and put them back together again. 
  • Starting with four puzzle pieces arranged in a pattern, move only one piece to make a square.
  • Arrange six sticks so that they form eight equilateral triangles of any size.
  • Fit four T-shaped puzzle pieces into a frame, then fit them into an even smaller frame.
  • Remove a ring from a pair of linked horseshoes and put the ring back on.
  • Untangle the ropes without removing the “handcuffs” from your wrists.
  • Help a farmer take a fox, chicken, and bag of corn across a river in a small boat—without any casualties.
  • Move two balls that sit near the center of a rocker to opposite corners.
  • Move a pile of disks from one peg to another peg, following some simple rules.


Once you have gathered enough clues, you will earn a place in the Mindbender Society. Everyone has the chance to document their visit to the mansion with a fun photo opp.



Take home the fun when you purchase from a selection of games, puzzles, and other products that put your brain to the test.


2001 Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80205

Open Everyday, except December 25
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

July 20–January 6



Enter Mindbender Mansion, a quirky place full of puzzles, brainteasers, and interactive challenges that put minds of all ages to the test.


Fun Facts

A person who creates or solves crosswords is known as a cruciverbalist.

Fun Facts
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