Discovery Zone


The new Discovery Zone on Level 2 is made possible by Kaiser Permanente. Its activities will help build a strong foundation of science skills for young children through hands-on, highly experiential Museum experiences.


Exhibits, activities, and programs focus on the science process skills, such as observing, quantifying, inquiring, analyzing, creating, and communicating. The gallery provides experiences that expose early learners to basic science concepts in physical science, life science, earth and space sciences, math, and human culture, engaging them in open-ended play and experimentation.


Dinosaur Gulch: Entering the Discovery Zone, a life-size climbable dinosaur welcomes children to Dinosaur Gulch—a western paleontology dig experience where children can excavate fossils amid rock outcroppings.


Water Way: Leaping laminar fountains, modeled on City Park’s interactive water feature, animate the Water Play area and provide fun opportunities for children to manipulate and observe water in action.


Construction Corner: In this area, children experiment with building methods and materials in the context of well-known Denver-area structures, such as Denver International Airport.


Science Kitchen: A multipurpose science and art lab, the Science Kitchen is a great place to conduct investigations and create art projects.


Big Backyard: The Big Backyard is an area designed expressly for children under the age of three, providing opportunities for first encounters with nature and science.


Explorer’s Playhouse: An outdoor clubhouse-themed performance area, Explorer’s Playhouse, is the setting for action-packed science, culture, and dramatic play programs and performances.


Here are some suggestions for other ways for young children to enjoy the Museum!

  • AstroTot Training, Space Odyssey, Level 1: Strap on a jet-pack and take off for space from the kid-sized shuttle flight deck.
  • Activity table outside former Discovery Zone, Level 2: Try out crafts, games, and experiments about science and nature.
  • Tykes Peak, Expedition Health, Level 2: Multisensory experiences, such as shadow play and testing your heart beat, get kids’ bodies moving.
  • Wildlife Halls, Levels 2 & 3: Count baby animals, hunt for colors, and visit the new kid-sized statues of black bear cubs and a fur seal pup in Bears and Sea Mammals Hall.
  • Camp PaleoPals, Prehistoric Journey, Level 3: Puppets, books, puzzles, and real fossils on display get kids excited about our ancient world.

Field Trip Adventures

In order to better serve you and your students, the Museum has created new Field Trip Adventures to maximize the learning impact of your limited field trip time and support the new Colorado Academic Standards.

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Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed

Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed is the largest exhibition about the ancient Maya ever to be displayed in the United States. This exhibition will be the first in the Museum’s new Anschutz Gallery.

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Public Art

Iridescent Cloud by Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan welcomes visitors to the Morgridge Family Exploration Center. This original work of art is commissioned and owned by the City and County of Denver.

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Discovery Zone

The brand new Discovery Zone will open June 7! Its activities will help build a strong foundation of science skills for children, especially those ages of three to five, through hands-on, highly experiential Museum experiences.

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