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16 article(s) for July 2015

  • Malagasy Food

    Posted 07/29/2015 by Joseph Sertich | Comments
    Written by Hank Woolley.Our incredible camp chef, Nary, making a beautiful egg omelet and soupy rice for the team in Analavelona.If you’re the type of person who loves consistency, then you’ll absolutely love Malagasy cuisine. Throughout my two months here in Madagascar, I’ve learned to love two thi…
  • Written by Hank Woolley. Our wily MICET driver Claude posing with one of the numerous ammonites we collected.Well, in terms of dinosaurs and terrestrial ecosystems, we got skunked in Analavelona. BUT on the bright side, we did discover a vast array of marine depositional environments, from shell be…
  • Itchy Bean

    Posted 07/26/2015 by Joseph Sertich | Comments
    Written by Hank Woolley.Our nemesis for the field season!For those who have experienced Tangilotra (a.k.a. Itchy Bean), we feel your pain. What starts out as a cute appellation for a fuzzy brown beanstalk becomes a name more dreadful than Voldemort in Harry Potter. One mention of the phrase “I’ve hi…
  • Written by Hank Woolley. Most of the time, paleontology and roadwork go hand-in-hand.Here we are, on the shores of the Manadrano River (the precise name is a little unclear). Our campfire is blazing, and clear water with azolla on the edges flowing by. Quite an idyllic spot, particularly after the …
  • Ammonites

    Posted 07/24/2015 by Joseph Sertich | Comments
    Written by Hank Woolley.Salama from the base of the Analavelona plateau in our newest field area! We have been trucking through the heat out here in search of fossils, and after two full days we can finally say we’ve found something cool! We have found at least four different taxa of ammonites, from…
  • Edward Curtis, the renowned turn-of-the-century photographer who devoted his entire life documenting all things Native American, is most famous for his Magnus opus, The North American Indian, a 20-volume set of books that was published between 1907 and 1930. The stunning visual images captured by th…
  • The Museum’s Health Sciences Department is partnering with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus to publish a monthly series on the Museum blog called “Know Health”. The articles focus on current health topics selected by CU’s medical and graduate students in order to provide both Engli…
  • El Departamento de Ciencias de Salud del Museo se ha asociado con la Universidad de Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus para publicar cada mes un serie de artículos en el blog del museo llamado  “Conocer la Salud.” Los artículos se enfocan en temas de salud actuales y son seleccionados por los estudian…
  • Why Madagascar?

    Posted 07/17/2015 by Joseph Sertich | Comments
    Written by Hank Woolley. As we suffer through yet another day of grueling fieldwork in southwestern Madagascar, more than six weeks into another fantastically successful season on the island ‘continent’ more than 600 miles off the southeastern coast of Africa, a question pops into my head. It is th…
  • Manamana Plateau

    Posted 07/16/2015 by Joseph Sertich | Comments
    Written by Hank Woolley. The team hard at work on our first day of prospecting at Manamana Plateau.Salama from below the mango trees at our camp near the Manamana Plateau along the banks of the mighty Ambatomainty River! This is our third day out here, and I’m going to be honest: I’m sore as a tenr…
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