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  • This rabbit, while not part of the collection, was brought to the Museum in the early 1900's for inspection.  According to Head of Zoology and Curator John Demboski, this is caused by a virus related to the family of human Papilloma viruses (HPVs) and thought to be the basis for the Jacka…
  • Taken in photographer Robert Rockwell's backyard, you can almost see the look of surprise on the owl's face. Look close enough in the reflection in his eye and you can see the reflection of Rockwell's camera equipment. Volunteer Boyd Fletcher found this image in the Glass Plate Negative col…
  • Romance in the Library

    Posted 01/30/2012 by Library | Comments
    Libraries have a lot of different uses, but this was a new one for us:  a wedding celebration. The bride and groom eloped to Denver from Minneapolis and said their vows in an impromptu location somewhere in the Museum. Then they found their way to the Museum's Library where, to their deli…
  • In 1995 an employee at KRMA-TV contacted the Denver Museum of Nature & Science regarding a collection of 16 mm films he had rescued from the trash. The employee also had been volunteering with the Anthropology Department at the Museum and knew the films would be a valuable addition to the …
  • The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature, and Fowl Obsession by Mark Obmascik     We all know about the movie starring Steve Matin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson, but have you read the book?   "The Big Year is big fun.  A rollicking, feather-ruffler of a read,…
  • The Ruth Underhill Collection here at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, is currently being processed by Archives Technician Aly Jabrocki, with the help of a generous Save America's Treasures grant. Aly is working with the Anthropology and Archives Departments to process, preserve, ca…
  • Westminster: The First 100 Years - Cultivating a Colorado Community   By Kimberly Field and Kelly Anton Forward by Dr. Thomas J. Noel Introduction by Margaret Coel   "….the book showcases everything that makes Westminster special, from the residents' strong work ethic…
  • New Library Books!

    Posted 05/03/2011 by Library | Comments
    Planet Arctic: Life at the Top of the World by Wayne Lynch New to the library this week is Planet Arctic: Life at the Top of the World by Wayne Lynch.   "Planet Arctic takes you on a journey across stunning landscapes to a world inhabited by polar bears, arctic foxes, seals…
  • National Library Week

    Posted 04/04/2011 by Library | Comments
    April 10-16, 2011 is National Library Week. Here at the Bailey Library, we are celebrating by launching our new web page. We will be using this space to highlight parts of our collections and announce new acquisitions. One of our recent donations was the Grand Canyon collection assembled by th…
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