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  • By Kelly Loud I have a secret: I love fall. I know, I know. The Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the glorious leaves, celebrating and honoring the dead...*insert record scratch here*. Well, maybe you haven’t heard that last one. On November 1 and 2, much of the Latin-American community, Mexican in particular,…
  • This last weekend I was on a little trip out to Glenwood Springs and decided to make a little detour while I was out there – to visit somewhere I’ve been meaning to go for nearly 15 years. This place is Dotsero, exit 133 off of I-70.  The town itself, however, was not why I was there – the volcano t…
  • Recently the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and Great Divide Brewing Company partnered up with Beers Made By Walking. What exactly is Beers Made By Walking you may ask? Well let me tell you. BMBW is a Colorado-based organization that invites local brewers (mainly from Colorado, but also in th…
  • Belladonna (Atropa belladonna), otherwise known as deadly night shade, has been used for centuries as a medicine, an aphrodisiac, and perhaps more sinisterly a poison. Italian in origin, belladonna’s name literally translates to “beautiful woman” as the plant’s juice was used for centuries by Greco-…
  • Snail the Hunter

    Posted 04/27/2015 by Richard Busch | Comments
    Snails are just not what I generally think of when people drop the term “DANGER.” Bears- yes, sharks- obviously, tigers- you got it, but snails? Usually not.  But let me tell you what. Snails- sea-dwelling cone snails, at least are actually pretty formidable predators.Cone snails have a harpoon that…
  • Last weekend, the Education Collections Department at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science was lucky enough to partner with Ian Cooke, the Underground Music Showcase (UMS), and Visit Denver to create our very first music video! The Underground Music Showcase (a Denver music festival) has partn…
  • Welcome

    Posted 02/28/2012 by Richard Busch | Comments
    Welcome to the Health Sciences Collections. As of today we are one of the smallest collections at DMNS with 55 specimens.  What we may lack in quantity we more than make up with coolness.  The slide show on the main collections page is currently cycleing though some 1/8-inch think slices of a plasti…
  • Most of August has been preparing for the installation of a new fire suppression system in the Education Collections Storage room.  The new system is a standard VESDA pre-action system that received funding from the 2007 Better Denver Campaign.  As part of this project, we had s…
  • Saw over 500 kids over the past two days during the Scientist In Action The Sky is Falling with Chris Peterson.  Watching the expressions on faces trying to hold a heavy iron meteorite that fell 50,000 years ago and created Barringer Meteorite Crater in Arizona was great!
  • Japan Earthquake

    Posted 03/11/2011 by Richard Busch | Comments
    Here is a link to the United States Geological Survey's Earthquake Hazards Program for anyone seeking more technical information, or maps of the 8.9 quake that rocked the eastern coast of Japan at about 10:46pm MST on March 10th 2011.  Japan Earthquake
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