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  • Ammonites

    Posted 07/24/2015 by Joseph Sertich | Comments
    Written by Hank Woolley.Salama from the base of the Analavelona plateau in our newest field area! We have been trucking through the heat out here in search of fossils, and after two full days we can finally say we’ve found something cool! We have found at least four different taxa of ammonites, from…
  • Why Madagascar?

    Posted 07/17/2015 by Joseph Sertich | Comments
    Written by Hank Woolley. As we suffer through yet another day of grueling fieldwork in southwestern Madagascar, more than six weeks into another fantastically successful season on the island ‘continent’ more than 600 miles off the southeastern coast of Africa, a question pops into my head. It is th…
  • Manamana Plateau

    Posted 07/16/2015 by Joseph Sertich | Comments
    Written by Hank Woolley. The team hard at work on our first day of prospecting at Manamana Plateau.Salama from below the mango trees at our camp near the Manamana Plateau along the banks of the mighty Ambatomainty River! This is our third day out here, and I’m going to be honest: I’m sore as a tenr…
  • Quarry Life

    Posted 07/03/2015 by Joseph Sertich | Comments
    Written by Hank Woolley.The quarry that Mike, Miary, Willio, (les Quatre Fantastiques) and I called home for 17 days.We’re back! Three words: Dinosaur. Bones. Everywhere. For the majority of my time in Berivotra, I was working on unearthing some beautiful fossils at our two main quarry sites. Both l…
  • Written by Hank Woolley. Staring up the snout of a skull of one of Madagascar’s modern crocodiles in the new DPAB collections facility.Saláma from Tana! Yesterday marked a truly special day both for the Madagascar Paleontology Project team and for the Université d’Antananarivo. Not only was the Dép…
  • Written by Hank Woolley.Some of our new friends at the local school in Berivotra.Salàma once again from the research station in Berivotra! On Friday (June 26th) we had the privilege of celebrating Malagasy Independence Day, and boy do the Malagasy know how to have a good time on their nation’s birth…
  • Hi Everyone! I’m Ian Miller, curator of paleobotany at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (DMNS). I’m stateside reading and watching the blog posts from the Madagascar Paleontology Project team, which is now in Berivotra. I’m flying to Tana on June 29th to be part of the second 6-week phase o…
  • Written by Hank Woolley. A Beautiful Sifaka Lemur (and yes I took this photo).Spending a night in Ankarafantsika National Park was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I could waste time trying to write about all the amazing creatures we found, but we took some amazing photos of the p…
  • Written by Hank Woolley.(Most of) The Team in BerivotraSalàma from the field! We are out here at the Madagascar Paleontology Project (MPP) research facility in the village of Berivotra (pronounced Bay-REEFT) in the northwest corner of Madagascar, and after a week of braving the extreme heat, our tea…
  • Written by Hank Woolley.One of the many views of Madagascar’s central plateau we saw on our journey from Tana. And we’re back! We’ve finally figured out how to get internet out here in northwest Madagascar, and so after a week on hiatus we can finally fill you in on all that’s been happening! Firs…
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