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Posted 3/25/2016 12:03 AM by Nicole Garneau | Comments

Beertastingfood _Dollarphotoclub _8750927The origins of the Beer & Food Working Group
Spurred by both the growing interest in and the inconsistent language of beer and food pairings, Julia Herz of the Brewer’s Association started gathering input from industry leaders and sensory scientists alike. In 2015, her informal scan led to the formalization of the Beer & Food Working Group.


Our Mission 

The Beer and Food Working Group aims to be the trusted beer and food pairing resource by collecting, creating and communicating a sound and scientific understanding behind the common joys of eating and drinking. We want to make beer the model for other beverages in terms of the way we understand, discuss and do beer and food pairings, pushing the thinking into new territory.

We are making progress everyday! You can follow the results of our work by attending our presentations and workshops at the annual Craft Brewers Conference, the World Brewing Congress, or by visitng us online through this blog and via #BeerFWG on social media.


Our Values & Intentions

  • Use scientific research-backed references and resources
  • Respect personal preference
  • Recognize the value of anecdotes as possible hypotheses and value the community's knowledge base as a tool for education and further research
  • Encourage creativity in expression and retain as rich and evocative a language as possible
  • Advocate the philosophy that successful pairings come at the intersection of art and science
  • Acknowledge the validity of different approaches and be inclusive in bringing together theory, practice and experience of all those engaged in food and beer work


Our Goals

  1. Collecting: We will continuously clarify and classify the evolving pairing vocabulary and vet it against existing scientific literature to standardize the terminology of pairing. We will monitor and assimilate data from future sensory studies of flavor interactions as they relate to beer and food pairing.
  2. Creating: We will take the lead in determining useful consumer preferences and tendencies, encourage wide ranging research related to this topic, and engage the brewing community to further research on pairing.
  3. Communicating: This group aims to generate and advocate for a research-backed framework to serve as the consensus standard within the beer and food industry worldwide.


Members of the Beer & Food Working Group

 Julia _headshot
Julia Herz, Founder
Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers Association, and co-author of Beer Pairing (Voyageur Press) and the Beer & Food Course


LB Headshot
Lindsay Barr MA, Founding Member
Sensory Specialist for the New Belgium Brewing Company, Chair of the Sensory Subcommittee for the American Society of Brewing Chemists, co-author of the Beer Flavor Map


Ray Hat Head 
Ray Daniels, Founding Member
Founder and director of the Cicerone Certification Program, author of Designing Great Beers, and contributor to The Oxford Companion to Beer


NG Yeast Bio Pic
Nicole Garneau PhD, Founding Member
Curator and Chair of the Health Sciences Department and director of the Genetics of Taste Lab for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, co-author of the Beer Flavor Map


Randy Headshot
Randy Mosher, Founding Member
Author, Educator, Speaker, Creative Consultant for Beer



Pat Fahey, Member
Content Manager for the Cicerone Certification Program


Chefadam _headshot 
Adam Dulye, Member
Executive Chef for the Brewers Association and, co-author of the Beer & Food Course, and culinary lead for SAVOR®: An American Craft Beer and Food Experience, the Farm to Table Pavilion at the Great American Beer Festival®, and the World Beer Cup® 


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