"The Hikers" -- An Iconic Addition

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science unveils "The Hikers," a spectacular new addition to the award-winning Expedition Health. This iconic exhibit was custom-made for our Museum by the creator of BODY WORLDS, and features two whole-body plastinates -- one reaching down to help the other climb a rock face. The Museum is the first in the world to permanently feature two whole-body plastinates.

"The Hikers" exemplifies the intricacy and beauty of the body in motion and illustrates how the many complex systems in our bodies work together to allow us to do amazing things. The striking new whole-body plastinates allow visitors to see inside the staggeringly complex and interconnected network of bone, muscles, tendons, organs, and blood vessels that make up our bodies. Written descriptions accompany these specimens and highly trained volunteers facilitate dialog with visitors, answering questions and providing more in-depth information.  This iconic addition is located in the main gallery of Expedition Health among 20 activity stations and more than 20 authentic anatomical specimens already on display. 

"The Hikers" exhibit is made possible by a gift from Steve and Kathy McConahey and their family. Steve McConahey has played an important role in bringing this exhibit to Denver -- a process that began six years ago as a dream and has finally become reality. He sponsored "The Hikers" to honor both the Museum and his family, in particular his wife, Kathy.


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