Expedition Health Online Guide

Welcome to the Expedition Health Online Guide. This guide is your companion to making the most out of your visit to Expedition Health with your students.

Background and Supplemental Information 

Cardiovascular (PDF | 525KB)

Digestive System (PDF | 535KB)

Expedition Health Terms English-Spanish Glossary (PDF | 904KB)

Five Senses (PDF | 1.08MB)

Musculoskeletal System (PDF | 465KB)

Nervous System (PDF | 464KB)

Reproductive System (PDF | 540KB)

Respiratory System (PDF | 396KB)

The Hikers Whole-Body Plastinates (PDF | 937KB)

Expedition Health Exhibition Components (PDF | 1.1MB)


Grades K-2 

Pre-Visit Activities

Energy Balance (PDF | 76KB)

Healthy Eating (PDF | 148KB)

How Do I Measure Up? (PDF | 74KB)

Senses Cube (PDF | 136KB)

Post-Visit Activities

Body Systems (PDF | 84KB)

Exercise Chains (PDF | 140KB)

Five Senses Tic-Tac-Toe (PDF | 86KB)

Healthy Choices (PDF | 74KB)


Grades 3-5 

Pre-Visit Activities

Blood Pathways (PDF | 405KB)

Calories and Energy (PDF | 99KB)

Current Events (PDF | 375KB)

Inherited Traits (PDF | 285KB)

Health Fact vs. Fiction (PDF | 288KB)

Reaction Times (PDF | 311KB)

Vitamins and Minerals (PDF | 292KB)

Post-Visit Activities

Body System Simile (PDF | 364KB)

Food Labels (PDF | 322KB)

Goal Letter (PDF | 301KB)

Graph It Activity (PDF | 301KB)

Nutritious Nibbles (PDF | 307KB)

What's Your Sport (PDF | 298KB)


Grades 6-8

Pre-Visit Activities

Calories and Energy (PDF | 91KB)

Got Cooties? (PDF | 87KB)

How Does it Taste? (PDF | 88KB)

Human Body Outburst (PDF | 76KB)

Infectious Disease (PDF | 85KB)

Inherited Traits Inventory (PDF | 83KB)

Post-Visit Activities

DNA Extraction (PDF | 70KB)

Hand Sanitizer (PDF | 77KB)

Human Body Tic-Tac-Toe (PDF | 86KB)

Physical Training (PDF | 85KB)

Preventing Disease (PDF | 95KB)

Reducing Risk Factors (PDF | 99KB)


Grades 9-12

Pre-Visit Activities

Bacteria Everywhere (PDF | 71KB)

Biology Base Camp Careers (PDF | 89KB)

Easter Egg Genetics (PDF | 66KB)

Field Trip (PDF | 79KB)

Inherited Traits Inventory (PDF | 83KB)

Molecular Food (PDF | 84KB)

Post-Visit Activities

Disease Debate (PDF | 73KB)

DNA Extraction (PDF | 70KB)

Extreme Conditions (PDF | 92KB)

Homeostasis (PDF | 87KB)

Preventing Disease (PDF | 96KB)

Reducing Risk Factors (PDF | 98KB)



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