Project Curiosity Online Guide

The Project Curiosity Online Guide was designed to help teachers promote student understanding and abilities to do scientific inquiry during a visit to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The guide provides easy access to grade-appropriate classroom activities, related exhibitry, and background information for two of the Colorado State Science Standards: Standard 1-Abilities to Do Scientific Inquiry; Standard 6-Understandings about Scientific Inquiry.


Background and Supplemental Information 

Abilities to Do Scientific Inquiry (PDF | 89KB)

Understandings about Scientific Inquiry (PDF | 88KB)


Grades K-3

Pre-Visit Activities

Art Smart (PDF | 106KB)

Use Your Common Senses (PDF | 95KB)

What Do Scientists Do? (PDF | 92KB)

During-Your-Visit Activities

Diorama Storyboards (PDF | 78KB)

Scientist on Assignment (PDF | 102KB)

Tool Time (PDF | 196KB)

Post-Visit Activities

Interview a Scientist (PDF | 102KB)

Thinking Inside the Box (PDF | 78KB)


Grades 4-8

Pre-Visit Activities

Art Smart (PDF | 109KB)

Interview a Scientist (PDF | 90KB)

During-Your-Visit Activities

Diorama Storyboards (PDF | 80KB)

Model Search (PDF | 75KB)

Scientist on Assignment (PDF | 100KB)

Post-Visit Activities

Build a Space Station

Thinking Inside the Box (PDF | 83KB)


Grades 9-12

Pre-Visit Activities

Curator Case Study (PDF | 135KB)

Science Review (PDF | 90KB)

Thinking Inside the Box (PDF | 84KB)

During-Your-Visit Activities

Scientist on Assignment (PDF | 99KB)





Ancient Denvers
Johnson, Kirk and Raynolds, Robert. Ancient Denvers, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver, CO, 2003.

National Science Education Standards
National Research Council. National Science Education Standards. (1996). National Academy Press: Washington, D.C.

Recommended Web Sites

Colorado State Science Standards
Access Colorado State Science Standards for up-to-date information about what your students need to know to learn science.


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