Improvements Continue Outside the Museum

DENVER – July 23, 2014 – We wanted to share some exciting news about the landscaping and upgrades around the Museum. These improvements will enhance the experience for museum visitors, park visitors and neighbors alike.




The new landscaping on the south side of the Museum will be completed this month. To give the new landscaping time to establish itself, the orange fencing will remain in place until early fall. As part of the Museum’s ongoing green initiative, the new landscaping features native, low-water plants.


We will place a totem pole from our Anthropology collections in the park, just south of the Morgridge Family Exploration Center and Boettcher Plaza. At 24 feet tall, the totem pole is too tall to display inside the Museum, and importantly, since totem poles are meant to be on display outside so that the natural decay process can return it to Mother Earth, its planned location in City Park is very fitting.




In response to your feedback, we are working with Denver Parks and Recreation to make improvements outside the building This summer, the Museum will begin upgrading the landscaping on the west side of the building. As part of this process, the bear statue, Grizzly’s Last Stand, will be removed from its current location and go into hibernation for several weeks. When the statue re-emerges in early fall, it will be relocated farther south on the west side of the Museum and placed in landscaping that represents its natural habitat. Grizzly’s Last Stand has enjoyed many locations over the years, and we’re confident he’ll feel right at home in his new and ‘landscape-improved’ location.


While Grizzly’s Last Stand is hibernating, we encourage you to share your photos and memories on our Facebook page or use #dmnsgrizzly on Twitter and Instagram.


We’re also excited to announce that early this fall we will install a bronze sculpture on the west side of the building commemorating our Snowmastodon Project™ – the discovery and excavation of a trove of Ice Age fossils.


About the Denver Museum of Nature & Science
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