Lizards & Snakes Opens February 3 at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Lizards & Snakes Opens February 3 at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

New Exhibition Showcases over 60 Live Lizards and Snakes from Around the World and is Free with Museum Admission

DENVER- More than 60 reptiles are slithering and crawling their way to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Lizards & Snakes-the Museum's next temporary exhibition-opens Friday, February 3, 2012.  Presented in Denver by Southwest Generation and on display through July 8, the exhibition introduces visitors to live lizards and snakes from five continents, showcasing their remarkable adaptations, such as camouflage, projectile tongues, deadly venom, surprising forms of motion, and much more.

Visitors will be introduced to 26 species from diverse habitats in Australia, Cuba, Egypt, Guatemala, Kenya, Madagascar, Indonesia, Mexico, Sudan, and the United States. The animals, ranging from the four-inch tropical girdled lizard to the 14-foot Burmese python, are displayed in terrariums specifically designed to encourage natural behavior, complete with ponds, tree limbs, rock ledges, and live plants.

In addition to live animals, the exhibition features numerous interactive stations that invite visitors to test their reptile knowledge, explore the inner workings of a rattlesnake on the hunt, touch skins, and view footage of these amazing animals in the wild.  This up close and personal exhibition reveals fascinating facts that will have visitors thinking about snakes and lizards in a whole new way.

"This is a unique opportunity to have live animals on display at the Museum," said George Sparks, President and CEO of the Museum. "Lizards & Snakes represents the vast diversity of reptiles on the planet.  If you think you know everything about lizards and snakes, just wait until you see this exhibition. We can't wait for these exotic and fascinating creatures to arrive."

Exhibition Highlights

Lizards & Snakes explores the evolution, movement, and feeding habits of this group of reptiles. Twenty specialized terrariums display more than 60 stunning reptiles from all over the world, including veiled chameleon, rhinoceros iguana, eastern water dragon, Amazonian and emerald tree boas, and more. The engaging combination of live animals, fossil casts, extensive multimedia, hands-on interactives, and an activity area specifically for children offers a fascinating look into the wild world of lizards and snakes that will enthrall and educate visitors of all ages.

More Information

Lizards & Snakes is organized by the American Museum of Natural History in New York in collaboration with the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta, and the San Diego Museum of Natural History, with appreciation to Clyde Peeling's Reptiland. Visit for additional information.

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