Top Programs and Events at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science in September and October

Top Programs and Events at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science in September and October


NEW! A Day in Pompeii

Opens Friday, September 14

What nature destroyed, it also preserved. Hundreds of exceptional artifacts offer an insider's glimpse into the daily life-and tragic end-of this ancient Roman city that was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. These archaeological treasures lay buried in Pompeii's ruins, preserved as if sealed in a time capsule. Highlights include marble and bronze sculptures, jewelry, gold coins, everyday household items, and more. Visitors will uncover the treasures of a city steeped in legend, examine casts of the volcano's victims frozen in their last moments, and discover the power of volcanoes past and present.


NEW! Deep Sea 3D

Opens Friday, October 5

Dive deep and swim with some of the most extraordinary sea creatures ever seen on the IMAX 3D screen. Deep Sea 3D is an underwater adventure that transports audiences way down below the ocean surface. Encounter some of nature's mysterious and colorful creatures, from the unusual wolf eel to the giant Pacific octopus to the fearsome-looking sand tiger shark. Discover their peculiar and amazing behavior, and how they rely on one another for survival. Narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, with an original score by Danny Elfman, Deep Sea 3D takes viewers on a magical journey to places that most have never been.

Space Junk 3D

Now Showing

After 50 years of launching our dreams into space, we now face a troubling legacy: a growing ring of orbiting debris from various rockets and satellites.Space Junk 3Dis a visually explosive, sensory-expanding voyage into our now-threatened "final frontier." Experience mindboggling collisions, both natural and human-made, as you soar from the stunning depths of Meteor Crater in Arizona to an unprecedented view of our increasingly crowded orbits-22,000 miles above Earth. 


NEW! SuperVolcanoes

Opens Friday, September 14

SuperVolcanoes explores rare types of volcanic eruptions that marshal the energy that lurks, like a sleeping dragon, beneath the surface of planet Earth. In this unique immersive experience, audiences will explore the impact of volcanism on Earth and other worlds in our solar system. Can a supervolcano erupt in our own time? The answer is surprisingly close to home.

Realm of Light

Now Showing

This visual feast for the eyes enhanced with breathtaking music follows the incredible story of life on Earth. From the Big Bang to the modern age of humankind, viewers of all ages will be inspired by the marvel of nature and the power of human curiosity.


Science Lounge: Whiskey and the West
Thursday, September 20, 6:30-9:30 p.m., $8 member, $10 nonmember

(If sold out online, tickets available at the door.) Enjoy a mind-expanding experience with cocktails and entertainment every third Thursday of the month. Ages 21 and up. This month,thanks to an explosion of small batch distilleries, Colorado can add the art of whiskey to our list of brag-worthy craft alcohol. Learn about chemistry and the distilling process from Museum scientists, and dig deep into the history of whiskey in Colorado and the medicinal qualities of fine spirits. Wash it all down with our signature cocktail, the Colorado Sidecar.

Missions to Titan: The Enigmatic Moon of Saturn

Tuesday, September 11, 7 p.m., $8 member, $10 nonmember

Titan expert Patricia M. Beauchamp will reveal how missions to Saturn's moon have revolutionized our understanding of the Titan system and its potential for harboring life. Voyager and Cassini-Huygens have shown that Titan is rich in organics, has liquid lakes of methane

ethane in the northern latitudes and vast dune fields nearer the equator, likely contains an enormous subsurface ocean, and has energy sources to drive chemical evolution. Beauchamp will discuss these discoveries and hopes for future missions to explore Titan as a prebiotic chemical system that creates an environment comparable to early Earth. Beauchamp is a chemist and works at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory developing missions to outer planets. Sponsored in part by the NASA Astrobiology Institute.

Bacchus Raucous-A Party in Pompeii

Friday, September 28, 7:30-11 p.m., $38 member, $43 nonmember

Party like it's AD 79. Graffiti, gladiators, and glitz await-just another raucous night in Pompeii, Rome's vacation and nightlife hotspot. Come dressed as your favorite Roman god or goddess, or in your toga best. Your ticket includes Italian-themed hors d'oeuvres, entertainment, admission to A Day in Pompeii, and one drink at the bar.


Volcanoes on the Verge

Tuesday, October 2, 7 p.m., $8 member, $10 nonmember

Did you know that one of the world's largest volcanoes is under Yellowstone National Park? Or that one of the most active volcanoes in the world has a city with a million residents at its base? In an effort to prevent a modern-day Pompeii, volcanologist Ken Sims, PhD, associate professor at the University of Wyoming, travels the globe and rappels into the fiery hearts of volcanoes, measuring gases and collecting "zero-age" chunks of fresh lava. Marvel at his life in the field, and learn where and when the biggest threats might erupt.

Science Lounge: Superheroes Assemble!
Thursday, October 18, 6:30-9:30 p.m., $8 member, $10 nonmember

(If sold out online, tickets available at the door.) Enjoy a mind-expanding experience with cocktails and entertainment every third Thursday of the month. Ages 21 and up. This month,come dressed as your favorite comic book idol for the chance to win our costume contest. Test your super powers and discover how much it would actually take to lift a car or leap tall buildings in a single bound. Debunk the Spiderman movies with the Museum's spider expert, and face The Hulk, our signature cocktail.

James Luna 

Performance & exhibition premiere: Wednesday, October 3, and Friday, October 5, 7 p.m., $15 member, $18 nonmember

Acclaimed performance artist James Luna is coming to Denver and bringing a unique art installation this fall for our own Crane North American Indian Cultures Hall. Luna's work addresses themes related to American Indian stereotypes and history. During a special lecture in August, Luna will lay the groundwork for the art installation and discuss his artistic process, which included examining the Museum's anthropology collections and exhibits as a source of inspiration. In October, enjoy a performance by Luna as well as the premiere of his installation.

SCFD Community FREE Days

Sunday, October 14, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., FREE

Enjoy outstanding permanent exhibitions including Expedition Health, Space Odyssey, Prehistoric Journey, and Egyptian Mummies.

Live Bats!

Adults only: Friday, October 19, 7 p.m., Families: Saturday, October 20, noon or 2 p.m., $12 adult member, $15 adult nonmember, $8 child (3-12)

Live Bats returns to Denver! Rob Mies, director of the Organization for Bat Conservation, will introduce you to an international delegation of some of the rarest bats in the world, including a gigantic flying fox bat from Malaysia with a nearly six-foot wingspan. Choose from two experiences: an adults-only evening or a family program where you can join in the kids' unbridled enthusiasm. Costumes welcomed!


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