The Morgridge Family Exploration Center Images

Video from the Groundbreaking Celebration on September 13, 2011 (WMV | 520MB)


ECF-Rendering_250x150 The Morgridge Family Exploration Center
The brand new Morgridge Family Exploration Center will add 126,000 square feet and five levels of discovery to the Museum, providing even more space to engage, delight, and spark your imagination.

Exhibition-Hall_250x150 Temporary Exhibition Hall
Ramses II. Genghis Khan. Benjamin Franklin. Some of the greatest names in history have been featured in spectacular traveling exhibitions at the Museum, attracting millions of visitors over the years. The new Temporary Exhibition Gallery will adjoin the existing Phipps Gallery, allowing an expansive, dynamic space that greatly enhances the Museum's ability to bring blockbuster exhibitions to Denver. This second gallery may also be used independently to present small or mid-size exhibitions.

Science-Studio_250x150 Science Studio
These 21st-century learning areas are designed for today's student. Each studio incorporates gorgeous park views, state-of-the-art technology, and real specimens to deliver engaging programs for students and adults alike.

Big_Backyard_250x150 New Discovery Zone
Our youngest visitors experience the joy of learning through hands-on play. The new Discovery Zone takes inspiration from locations around Colorado to provide children with the opportunity to discover their world, place by place. Dinosaur Gulch, Science Kitchen, Big Backyard, and the Water Play area are just a few of the unique spaces where your children can innovatively interact and engage with nature and science.

Science-Atrium_250x150 Science Atrium
This vibrant, flexible, multi-level space will buzz with activity. It provides you with a wonderful environment for hands-on experiments, large-scale science demonstrations, festivals and performances, engaging evening events, and more.

Science-Studios-For-Early-Learners_250x150 Science Studios for Early Learners
The Science Center for Early Learners provides dedicated and meaningful early science learning experiences to preschoolers and families with young children. The Center features a new play-and-learn Discovery Zone and a Science Studio dedicated to preschoolers. The studio incorporates gorgeous park views, state-of-the-art technology, and real specimens to deliver engaging programs.

Rocky-Mountain-Science-Collection-Center_250x150 Rocky Mountain Science Collections Center
This new area is dedicated to housing, studying, and preserving more than 1.4 million precious artifacts and specimens. This state-of-the-art space helps the Museum's scientists make new discoveries and provides proper temperature and humidity to ensure that these treasures are preserved for generations to come.

DMNS-Groundbreaking298_250x150.jpg 298
Tim Ryan (Board of Trustees) and George Sparks (President and CEO) celebrate groundbreaking.

DMNS-Groundbreaking273_250x150.jpg 273
Bridget Coughlin (Vice President) and George Sparks (President and CEO) gather with Museum staff.

DMNS-Groundbreaking252_250x150.jpg 252
Kindergarden students from Turnberry Elementary School with "Mr. Bones" the dinosaur.

DMNS-Groundbreaking208_250x150.jpg 208
George Sparks (President and CEO) uses heavy equipment for the grand finale at groundbreaking.

DMNS-Groundbreaking155_250x150.jpg 155
Community leaders participate in the groundbreaking for the the wing.

DMNS-Groundbreaking117_250x150.jpg 117
Kindergarden students from Turnberry Elementary School participate in a dinosaur dig as part of the celebration.

DMNS-Groundbreaking392_250x150.jpg 392
John and Carrie Morgridge are recognized as the lead donors to the new wing.

DMNS-Groundbreaking024_250x150 024
George Sparks (President and CEO) is joined by 500+ community members for the celebration.

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