Ultimate Dinosaurs

October 6, 2017 - January 15, 2018

Meet T. rex’s biggest, baddest, newest members of the family! Ultimate Dinosaurs goes beyond familiar dinosaurs to showcase some of the most spectacular fossils unearthed in recent years. Evolving in isolation, the discoveries from Africa, South America and Madagascar are among the strangest creatures you have ever met.


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Press Contact - For Press Inquiries Only

Maura O'Neal, Work: 303.370.6407, Cell: 303.507.6058, [email protected]

Please request media passes from Maura O’Neal at [email protected].

We offer free admission and tours to journalists on assignment. Please phone or email Maura O'Neal in advance to make arrangements. Enter through the staff/volunteer door (to the left of the main entrance) and check in with the security team when you arrive.

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