IMLS Latin American Textiles: Anthropology Objects of the Month for September 2011

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This month we'll be giving you more than just one Object of the Month. This September we are happy to share 16 different images of objects from Latin America, along with images of our volunteer and intern team getting the work done. Our 2008-2011 IMLS Latin American Textiles grant work has just been completed and we wanted to share the new section here on our website describing the conservation work on the over 700 objects in the collection.


Anthropology and Conservation Department staff trained and supervised a team of close to 30 of our amazing volunteers who donated almost 3,000 hours. The team inventoried, analyzed, rehoused, researched, and photographed a varied collection of items representing countries from Central and South America.


One of the great stories from this project comes from Andrew van der Heever, the 2011 Robert L. Akerely Intern for the Department of Anthropology. During his 10 week internship, Andrew photographed the collection for reference purposes -- images that you can see in the slide show above. In order to capture all these images, Andrew set up a tripod on the top step of a five step ladder. He would climb up four steps to take a picture of one side of the object, climb down to turn the object over, walk back up the four steps to photograph the reverse side, and come back down again. By project end, Andrew climbed at least 5,624 steps. To put this into perspective, the Empire State building in New York City is 1,860 stairs to the 102nd floor, this means during the 10 weeks working on the project Andrew climbed the Empire State building 3 times.


Please visit our IMLS Latin American Textiles Grant 2008-2011 drop down section here on the Anthropology Collections main page for more details on the project.

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