Teen Science Scholars Head to Peru

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In one week two Teen Science Scholars, Kimi McBryde and Lauren Phan, and DMNS volunteer Clare Hoenig, will join Anthropology Department Postdoctoral Fellow Michele Koons in Peru for three weeks of archaeological and geological fieldwork.  We will be investigating past human-environmental interactions in the Chicama Valley, located in the northern coastal desert. Some of the goals of this project are to reconstruct past land-use practices through time in this arid region. For example, we will investigate the past extent and nature of agricultural and irrigation practices, we will test to see if at one point there was a forest in this now desert region, and we will investigate why we now see archaeological sites in an section of the valley that today is incapable of supporting human settlement due to lack of water.  We will be updating the progress of our work here, so stay tuned and come back to check it out!

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