Teen Science Scholars Peru Update - August 1st

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We are having great success in the field and finding all kinds of features related to past land use in the Chicama Valley, such as relic fields and ancient canal systems.  We have also found tons of previously unrecorded archaeological sites in the now barren desert.  I am excited to return and update the blog with more photos, videos, and information on all of the discoveries!

For now, check out 2013 Teen Science Scholar, Kimi McBryde's account of her first day of travels!


August 1st, 2013

Flying to Fort Worth right now, a long day of travelling ahead of us.  It was hard to say goodbye, even knowing that we would only be gone for 3.5 weeks. It's crazy that this trip is actually happening.  It all feels kind of surreal right now. We got to Fort Worth at like 2ish in the afternoon (Dallas time).    We chilled out in the Fort Worth airport, which is huge-it's bigger than Manhattan.  The airport was kind of terrifying and easy to get lost in.  Clare, Michele, Lauren and I had lunch at this little burrito place in the airport and then went to wait at the gate for our plane.  I think we had about a 3.5 hour wait in Dallas before getting on the plane for Lima. After arriving in Lima, we went through customs and they didn't make us jump through any hoops, which Michele was surprised about.  All of the bags made it to Lima, including the soil auger.  Interesting fact, in Peru, you don't put any toilet paper in the toilets, it all goes in the trash can.  It's hard to break habit and deposit toilet paper in the trash can. In the Lima airport, we had to recheck all of the bags, and they asked a few questions about the auger, but let it through baggage.  We waited in the airport till about 5:30 am to board the flight to Trujillo, which was only about a 45 minute flight.  Getting in line and getting on the flight for Trujillo was one of the most unorganized and chaotic things I've ever done.  Even though the airport and employees do the process every day, it was crazy.  They didn't even check the tickets, just kind of assumed you knew where you were going and would get yourself on the correct flight. Also, since it was a commuter flight, it was on a smaller plane, and didn't have a big gate like what we have in the US.  The plane was waiting out on the tarmac and had the stairs to climb into the seating area.  After the airport person took your plane ticket, you boarded a bus (like the 16th street mall shuttle in Denver) and it drove you to the plane.  At the time, the bus kept slowing down and almost stopping at every plane it passed-it was like the driver didn't really know where he was going.  The nice thing about that flight, was that they boarded through both the front and back doors of the plane.


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