Teen Science Scholars Peru Update - August 2nd

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By Kimi McBryde, 2013 Teen Science Scholar


August 2nd, 2013

We finally landed in Trujillo and all the bags made it again.  Each time we reclaimed the auger, the ski bag (where the auger was stored) had clearly been opened and checked to see what the heck was in the bag.  We got to Trujillo at about 7:30 in the morning, and it was pretty chilly.  Due to that, and the fact that Ari who is Michele's co-director of the research down here was postponed in Miami, we ended up staying at a hotel called Huankarute in Huanchaco, a little surfing town on the coast.  The four of us crashed in this little room that has two single beds and a double and woke up again at about 2 pm.  It was nice and sunny when we got up and you didn't need a sweatshirt or anything when we went for lunch.  We met up with Airielle, a student from California State University at Sacramento, who will be going out in the field with us and went to a little seafood bar about 5 minutes walk from the hotel.  The food was really, really good, and an interesting experience.  It was real seafood-something we don't get very often in Denver. There are a bunch of street animals around-it's really different from home.  The dogs are really mangy and have to forage for food-often begging at the bars and food areas. 

Ari flew in at about 3 today and we met up with her at the seafood place. Michele and Ari had called a van to take us to Magdalena de Cao, because the car they were going to rent didn't have the right insurance, and we are going to get the car tomorrow. It was about an hour drive, and the van driver was fairly chaotic and it didn't follow any of the driving rules that we're used to.  There weren't any seat belts in the van, and the guy was driving at an average speed of about 120 km/hr. 

Casa Wiese in Magdalena de Cao, where we are staying, is amazing.  There is a main house, that has the kitchen, a conference type room, a living room area and a dining area, and then there is the bunkhouse area, a garden and a large back yard.  Everything is walled in, and there is barbed wire over the gate in the back.  There is also an empty pool in the back. It is a beautiful house, and the bunkhouse is very nice as well.  Lauren, Clare, Airielle and I share a 2 bunk bedroom, and Michele and Ari are sharing the other guest room. It was only about 8:30 when we got to the house and we met Elio and Margarita, the caretakers of the house. They are super nice and Margarita is a very good cook.  We all crashed at about 10 pm.

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