Teen Science Scholars Peru Update - August 4th

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By Kimi McBryde, 2013 Teen Science Scholar


August 4th, 2013

Today, the four of us got to sleep in a little bit.  All of us were awake at about 9, but stayed in bed until noon.  It's a really nice day out, a little brisk and chilly, but not terrible at all.  We had breakfast at 12:30 pm.  After breakfast, we got dressed and Elio took us to the Internet cafe in Magdalena de Cao.  Elio is the sweetest man ever.  He is so kind, and taking care of us comes easily to him-he's a total grandpa.  The computers are super old school, little desktop monitors with the big tower and keyboards that hated me.  The keys didn't respond super well and the buttons were all different-I couldn't find the darn apostrophe or the delete key.  I also found out that there is cell service in Magdalena, but it is hard to find the ideal point.  Sometimes moving just a fraction of an inch makes the difference. 

In reflecting about the trip so far, it still hasn't sunk in yet-that she hand picked us out of all of the applicants to come to Peru, and that we are really here.

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