Collections Prep Update 1

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Aaron Spriggs, Zoology collections assistant, and entomology volunteers Barbara Bartell, Chuck Harp, and David Bettman have been working on rehousing and uncrowding the butterflies and moths, or Lepidoptera, to prepare for their eventual move into the new Rocky Mountain Science Collections Center. The goal is to rehouse approximately 75,000 moths and butterflies before the move and to make this collection accessible for more than 300 international visiting researchers who will be attending the International Lepidoptera Society meeting at the Museum in summer 2012.


The team have nearly completed the butterfly rehousing, accounting for about 45% of the Lepidoptera collection.  Aaron is taking on Saturniid moths, unshinglng these large, spectacular creatures to prevent their wings and scales from rubbing when researchers access them and when we move them.

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