60 Minutes in Space - August 2013

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Scientists from the Space Sciences Department at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science take you "behind the stories" using the best images and animation available to help understand the latest developments.

August 2013 – Dr. Dimitri Klebe talks about the origin of modern galaxies and the Cosmography of our Local Universe.

Dr. Steve Lee brings us up to date on the latest mission news – status of the Mars rovers, Opportunity and Curiosity, observing comet ISON from Mars with MRO, NASA’s proposed Asteroid Redirect mission, the latest on Dreamchaser, and the recent launch of ULA’s Delta IV-Heavy Rocket.

Links to Dimitri’s stories:

Origin of Modern Galaxies
Cosmography of our Local Universe

Links to Steve’s stories:

Opportunity updates
Curiosity views Phobos & Deimos transit
Curiosity's first use of autonomous navigation
Observation of Comet ISON from Mars
NASA's proposed Asteroid Redirect mission
Dream Chaser taxi tests
Dream Chaser captive carry test
Delta IV-Heavy launch, 8/28/13

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