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5 article(s) for November 2012

  • What We've Been Up To

    Posted 11/19/2012 by Carol Lucking | Comments
    It has been a while since we posted, but don't worry.  We've been busy.  As we work toward the ultimate goal of migrating our entire collection to the new space on the south side of the building, we are rehousing our fossil leaves.  This involves checking tags and data and ensuring t…
  • Impressions of Madagascar

    Posted 11/15/2012 by Ian Miller | Comments
    As a paleontologist who studies the evolutionary history of the world's forests, I have always been curious about Madagascar. Its forests are unique with more than 95 percent of its tree species found only on the island. How did these forests evolve to be so different than any other on Earth? Are t…
  • Migration Nation

    Posted 11/14/2012 by Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh | Comments
    Mauritius is a country of migrants. When colonists first landed on the island they found only wild plants and animals. Every person came from somewhere else, either by choice or by force. One remarkable story of migration here begins in 1834, when 30 men and 6 women from Calcutta arrived in the ca…
  • Collection of Megan Vogel donated to DMNS

    Posted 11/07/2012 by Frank Krell | Comments
    On 18 October Jeff Stephenson and Frank Krell drove from Denver to Helena, Montana, to collect a major donation (only to find out in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming, that the gas gauge of the Museum vehicle didn't work). In Helena resides Dr. Bea Vogel, DMNS Research Associate and first president of…
  • Ancestry and Papillae, Teen Science Scholar Research

    Posted 11/06/2012 by Nicole Garneau | Comments
    Today's blog is written by one of our 2012 Teen Science Scholars, Valeria Martinez.  Over the summer she learned how we collect and process information in the Genetics of Taste study.  She delved into the data and came up with the question she wanted to investigate from start to finish: question, hy…
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