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  • It’s that time again, the holidays. For me, like many, it’s a time for nostalgia; mulling spices in the kettle on the wood stove in Maine, filling the house I grew up in with aromas of cinnamon and clove… decorating our freshly cut pine tree with peppermint candy canes… and my Grandmother’s kitchen …
  • Earl and Wim write "Is there an easy to understand schematic/diagram of how the brain processes scent/odor and what signals are involved? And when the brain stops perceiving odors (bad or good), what's happening?" Dear Earl and Wim, Smell is complex and fascinating, and I've been getting lots of g…
  • I was recently at a beer tasting event at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, whereupon someone remarked that a particular ale had an aroma that smelled distinctly of melon. Now I've heard, especially in wine, how particular varietals can give off odors of pepper, leather, graphite, or barnya…
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