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The Konovalenko Project: Day 3 Update!

Posted 3/28/2012 12:03 AM by Steve Nash | Comments

Today Rick faced the biggest photography challenge to date, with two really big pieces (photos will follow soon) and three smaller pieces. The Painter is not a typical Konovalenko sculpture -- note the figure is static, not dynamic. The Fisherman is more dynamic, having just lost the big one that got away. The third photo attached is a close-up of the enamel cups that go with the Bratina -- a very large enamel and cloisenee bowl with 12 cups. Note the images on the cup -- it's Bosom Pals, which is a sculpture at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science! When Rick has a chance to work his magic on Hippo, we will post those photos. In the meantime, look at one of mine! The Hippo is made of malachite. His tongue is ruby, and his eyes are diamonds. Spectacular!


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