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Cool Stuff in Image Archives-China and Japan 1870-1910

Posted 5/24/2012 12:05 AM by Library | Comments

Expedition to China & Japan 1870-1911

A wooden crate containing 34 boxes of glass and nitrate negatives was shipped from an unknown source to the Museum in 1985.  The crate indicated a date of 1907, but paper found inside the crate was dated 1870. The images are of a trip taken to China and Japan, photographer unknown.  Most intriguing is an image of prisoners being transported by police who have tied the prisoners braids together to prevent escape.


Catalog # IV.0085-097.N  American passengers on ship prepare to go ashore.

Catalog # IV.0085-136.N  Boats in the harbor

Catalog # IV.0085-162.N  Prisoner transport


Want to see the whole collecton? Click here.


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