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New Mesa Verde Interpretive Center Opens May 23rd

Posted 5/20/2013 12:05 AM by Steve Nash | Comments

No more artifacts moldering in the “Tin Shed.” No more storing archives in nooks and crannies. No more driving a long, narrow, winding road to learn what Mesa Verde National Park has to offer. After decades of fundraising and lobbying, and five months after a “soft” opening, the Mesa Verde Visitor and Research Center will (host) its grand opening Thursday morning. “What we hope to accomplish is to help people plan their trip to the park, to excite them and give them lots of questions that they have to visit the park to answer,” said Mesa Verde collection curator Tara Travis. “Before, especially for people who got here later in the day, they had to drive all the way up to the park to see what’s here.” - Durango Herald


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