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The Egg Craters! Take 2

Posted 6/4/2012 12:06 AM by John Demboski | Comments

The redhead duck egg clutch we saw in the last installment of "The Egg Craters" is shown above.  Zoology department volunteer Alika Brooks designed and fabricated this hand-made "egg crate" to properly house the 36 eggs in this set.

The box is made from acid-free cardboard and the eggs are resting on polyethylene foam covered by Tyvek.  Each egg is separated from its nest mate by a wall of polyethylene batting, the same kind you can find in quilters' supply stores. 

We are employing these materials and custom work to rehouse all of the egg sets and nests in the Museum's collections.  Check this site for future installments on the Egg Crater's progress.


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