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Blue Tongue Luv 4 Denver Post & YourHub

Posted 6/13/2012 12:06 AM by Nicole Garneau | Comments

The Genetics of Taste Lab is thrilled to do a shout out to the Denver Post and YourHub.


Thanks to reporter Carri Wilbanks for showcasing our one-of-a-kind community-based genetics lab at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Carri's picture is worth a 1000 words, there's just something about a blue tongue!


Check out her full article here:


And speaking of blue tongues, don't forget to check out my favorite squamate, the Blue Tongued Skink! Our cool exhibit "Lizards and Snakes" is open through July 8th!


 16. Blue -tounged Skink _DF_6403F



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