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60 Minutes in Space - September2013

Posted 10/2/2013 12:10 AM by Kim Evans | Comments

Scientists from the Space Sciences Department at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science take you "behind the stories" using the best images and animation available to help understand the latest developments.

September 2013 – Resident deep space expert, Dr. Dimitri Klebe, sticks closer to home talking about several solar system missions – LADEE, Voyager, and IBEX.

Dr. Steve Lee brings us up to date on the latest mission news – Opportunity rover, Curiosity rover, the ISS crew change out, and the recent launch of the Cygnus cargo carrier to the International Space Station.

Links to Dimitri’s stories:

Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE)
Voyager mission
Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX)

Links to Steve’s stories:

Curiosity Updates
ISS Crew
Cygnus Cargo Carrier


To view previous 60 Minutes in Space visit the Space Sciences Newsroom page on Vimeo.


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