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SEPA Conference 2010: Taking the lead in Science Education!

Posted 2/8/2011 12:02 AM by Nicole Garneau | Comments

Earlier this month, DMNS attended the SEPA conference in Birmingham, Alabama! What does "SEPA" stand for you ask? SEPA stands for Science Education Partnership Award which is a grant awarded to leaders in science education by the National Institutes of Health. Recipients include universities, public health organizations, and museums-including yours truly, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science! DMNS uses its SEPA grant to both finance the Expedition Health exhibit and the Genetics of Taste research project.

Fun Fact: The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is the only SEPA recipient using its grant to fund an entire research project-and it's all thanks to our volunteer citizen-scientists!  That's right, thanks to the wonderfully dedicated volunteers at DMNS we are able to have opportunities unlike any other museum or SEPA recipient!


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