5,500 moths and beetles, collected 2016 in Gilpin County

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donated by Department Associate Barbara Bartell

For many years in a row, Department Associate Barbara Bartell, has collected moths and beetles on a mercury vapor light at her house in Gilpin County, almost every night in the season. Her wonderful place adjacent to Golden Gate Canyon State Park, continues to reveal new species every year. Now her donation of her 2016 specimes arrived, and what a donation it is! Barbara brought in more than ever, and in the usual unsurpassable quality with all moths, micro and macro, being perfectly spread and labeled. The approximately 5,500 specimens this year fill 23 Cornell drawers and put her donation total well over 20,000 specimens. This not only surpasses all other volunteers, but is 2nd place all-time for DMNS insect donors, eclipsing the John T. Mason butterfly collection (one of the founding collections!). And we are not the only lucky recipients of her specimens. The Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity of Colorado State University, gets its fair share, too, gratefully received by Paul Opler here in the photos. Thank you so much, Barbara, for helping our collections grow!

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