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Polar Bears on Hudson Bay

  • 2-year old cub checking us out

  • Shore of Hudson Bay

  • Treeline and the PreCambrian Shield poking through

  • Inuit sled dog

  • Our wheels

  • Conserving energy till the pack ice forms

  • Relaxing on the shore of Hudson Bay

  • Curious cub

  • Can I come aboard?

  • Come on! Let me in

  • Arctic fox

  • Driving the buggy home


Mongolian Camel Tick

Mongolian camel tick on the loose. Initially questing, it then targets me and hits the ground running. Bayankhongor Aimag, Shinejinst Sum, Ekhiin Gol (July 2011). Soundtrack by Altan Urag-Mother Mongolia.

Mongolia 2011

  • Bactrian camel and calf

  • Beijing airport

  • Ulaanbataar and Chinggis Khan

  • downtown Ulaanbaatar

  • UB traffic, seriously, not a wreck

  • Sky Shopping Center, all your needs met here

  • Let's buy some cashmere

  • the source of cashmere

  • Shopping for field supplies

  • Our motto (?)

  • The road system in Mongolia

  • Traversing the Gobi

  • Daily fun

  • Soviet-era field vehicles!

  • Dharma and Tsogoo with the Gaz

  • Sand dune in the Gobi

  • Our camp gers

  • Home on the desert pavement

  • Turk's cap lily (Lilium martagon) - north of Ulaan Bataar

  • Dragonhead (Dracocephalum sp.) - north of Ulaan Bataar

  • Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum)

  • Wild iris

  • Longhorn beetle

  • Mongolian Rock Agama - Laudakia stoliczkana

  • Siberian shrew (Crocidura sibirica)

  • Long-eared hedgehog (Hemiechinus auritus)

  • Steppe Whiskered Bat (Myotis aurascens)

  • Gobi big brown bat (Eptesicus gobiensis)

  • Grey long-eared bat (Plecotus kozlovi)

  • Pallas's pika (Ochotona pallasi)

  • Pallas's pika again (photo: Walter Wehtje)

  • Demoiselle crane (photo: Walter Wehtje)

  • Black kite (photo: Walter Wehtje)

  • Shrike (photo: Walter Wehtje)

  • Wild rock dove (photo: Walter Wehtje)

  • Steppe eagle (photo: Walter Wehtje)

  • Painted rocks in the Gobi

  • 119.3F in the Gobi!

  • After 5 weeks in Mongolia

  • Truly outstanding Mongolian sunset

My trip to Mongolia as part of a NSF-funded vertebrate inventory expedition.

Brazil 2010

  • Sloth Marina - Manaus

  • Manaus Waterfront

  • Manaus Fish Market - Shovelnose Catfish

  • Wedding of the Waters

  • Iris and the Spectacled Caiman (Caiman crocodilus)

  • Black Caiman (Melanosuchus niger)

  • Boto (Inia geoffrensis)

  • Boto (Inia geoffrensis)

  • Scarlet Macaw and Friend

  • Local river resident

  • Low Water Dunes

  • Snake Petroglyph

  • Orb Weaver Spider

  • Crab Spider

  • Tarantula

  • Rhino Beetle

  • Dogfish

  • Peacock Bass (catch & release)

  • Giant Kapok Tree

  • Beautiful Sunrise

Images from my trip to the Amazon in late 2010.  We flew into Manaus and spent 8 days cruising the Amazon and Rio Negro rivers.  Truly outstanding!

Wyoming, Pine Mountain 2010

  • Looking towards Colorado

  • Lair of the least chipmunk

  • Ocean of sage

  • Ocean of sage

  • Sunset and an ocean of sage

Where the deer, antelope and chipmunks play.  Images from a trip to Pine Mountain, Wyoming (August 2010).  Near the Colorado/Utah/Wyoming border.

Botta's Gopher

A pixelated Botta's pocket gopher (Thomomys bottae) cautiously foraging in the "sky island" Pinaleño Mountains of Arizona. I shot this in September 2008 on a crappy digital camera in a beautiful alpine meadow known as Hospital Flat (~9000 feet, 32.665905, -109.874592).

Gophers are fossorial rodents, adapted to a life underground, but will venture above ground to find food. This gopher was grabbing grass shoots/flowers and was most likely caching the dinner underground in its burrow system. Gophers can store food in their fur-lined cheek pouches, the "pockets" that so aptly describe them. The meadow was full of gopher excavation activity, it looked like a construction site.

Colorado 2007-2009

  • Iris catches the first chipmunk!

  • Crestone Canyon & the San Luis Valley

  • A mule deer moves through camp

  • Gore Range

  • Buffalo Pass

  • Indian Paintbrush - Buffalo Pass

  • Buffalo Pass pond - lots of voles & gophers

  • Kayce - Buffalo Pass

  • Kipper and skeeters

  • Flat Tops

  • Flat Tops

  • Iris on the Grand Mesa

  • Columbine

  • Junco nest and eggs

  • Hagerman Pass

  • Hagerman Pass Marmot

  • Hagerman Pass Pika - yes, it's in the pic

  • Irish Canyon - Moffat County

  • Cliff Chipmunk Live Trap - Irish Canyon

  • Susan and Iris - Irish Canyon

  • Coney Island, End of the Trip

Images from fieldwork in Colorado over the last several years.

Nevada 2008

  • Looking northwest in the Schell Creek Range

  • Home in the Schell Creek Range

  • Sunset in the Cherry Creek Range

  • Finding the Panamint chipmunk in the Toiyabe Range

  • Toiyabe Range, looking east to the Toquima Range

  • East side of the Toiyabe Range, looking north

A few images from a trip to Nevada in August 2008 looking for chipmunks.

Arizona/New Mexico 2008

  • Roadblock in New Mexico

  • Chiricahua Mountains

  • Chiricahua Mountains, cliff chipmunk habitat

  • Pinaleño's, Hospital Flat - home of the cliff chipmunk

  • Mogollon Rim, home of the gray-collared chipmunk

A few images from a trip to Arizona and New Mexico in 2008.

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