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Lockheed Martin engineer Darrel Williamson gives a presentation about the Orion spacecraft to more than 400 people in DMNS' IMAX theater.

The Orion spacecraft finally flew on Friday, December 5, after the launch slipped one day. On the morning of Thursday, December 4, we had an early morning launch event attended by 498 people. The audience included DMNS staff and volunteers, and guests of Lockheed Martin, United Launch Alliance, and Ball Aerospace -- all who showed up at 4 a.m. to view the live proceedings on NASA TV! Even though the rocket did not lift off that morning, it was still a great experience for everyone.

Lockheed Martin engineers Darrell Williamson and Brian Sompayrac and ULA engineer Brooke Mosley gave presentations in DMNS' IMAX theater and answered questions from the more than 400 people present in the crowd. As we waited through the suspence of the nearly three hour launch window, they also gave running commentary and explained what we were seeing and hearing from the NASA TV feed. We also had more than a dozen girls from the Girls Inc. "Rocket Girls" in attendance, who were among many of the kids in the audience asking smart questions of our expert guests.

Although Orion did not launch that day, seeing and hearing the live expert commentary still made it a worthwhile experience. Thanks to everyone who made this event such a huge success!

Here is a shot of the lift-off the next morning:

Orion Flight Test Launch Rocket Delta IV 4 Spacecraft Human Exploration Br2 560

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