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By Nicole Garneau, PhD

Why Do We Like the Taste of Protein?

A recent study highlighted by a new ad campaign from LiveWell Colorado found that 1 of every 2 Coloradoans are overweight or obese. Now consider that Colorado is one of the healthiest states in our nation, that doesn't bode well for Americans as a whole. So what is it about how our bodies react to food that could be contributing to this? A cool blog post from Jonah Lehrer posted June 23, 2011, on discusses the reason sugar and protein consumption elicits pleasure via two routes- one when we experience taste via the tongue and one when we digest food. This complex calorie perception may play a large role in why obesity has skyrocketed in industrialized nations like the US.


Lehrer writes, "Perhaps the most shocking discovery from this new science of taste, however, is that the act of eating is not the only source of gustatory pleasure. Instead, a big chunk part of our sensory delight - the joy that makes us crave particular foods - comes afterwards, when the food is winding its way through the gut."

For me one of the collest parts of Lehrer's blog post is that he highlights the work of our colleagues at the Rocky Mountain Taste and Smell Center at the University of Colorado. Their research is leading the way in the new age of taste perception in the gut and how this could help us understand more about human health.

To read the entire post, please visit Lehrer's blog at:

To learn more about the Rocky Mountain Taste and Smell Center, visit their new website at:

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