Colorado Legacy Foundation 2012 Summit, Presentation Resources

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By Nicole L. Garneau, PhD

Resources to compliment the "Taste of Health" presentation at the Colorado Legacy Foundation Healthy School Summit, 2012-04-04


Denver Museum of Nature & Science Info:

PTC Bitter Taste Strips: You can purchase these from a variety of suppliers online. They are very inexpensive.

Brain Energy Requirements (Children):
(originally HT Chugani, Neurodevelopmental Neuroimaging, New York 1996.)


Food Choices and Executive Functions:
Cohen et al. 2011. Obesity, orbitofrontal structure and function are associated with food choice: a cross-sectional study.


Exercise Increases Mitochondria  in Skeletal Muscles:Adhihetty et al. 2007. The effect of training on the expression of mitochondrial biogenesis- and apoptosis-related proteins in skeletal muscle of patients with mtDNA defects.


Exercise Increases Mitochondria  in Neurons:
Steiner et al. 2011. Exercise Training Increases Mitochondrial Biogenesis in the Brain.

Mindful Eating:
Cornell University Food and Brand Lab:
Wansick et al. 2008.
Consequences of belonging to the "clean plate club".

Denver CRAFT:
Denver Cardiovascular disease Reduction: A Focused Transformation Full website to come, check back!)

Executive Functions:


Brain Development:
Lenroot et al. 2007. Sexual dimorphism of brain developmental trajectories during childhood and adolescence.


Reward Circuit:
Stice and Spoor.  Relation of Reward from Food Intake and Anticipated Food Intake to Obesity: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study.   


Exercise and Mindfulness in Learning:






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