Creation of My Alter Ego Yo Pearl

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By Nicole Garneau, PhD

It was a typical day at the Museum. the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. I was walking through the offices of our awesome educators when I was introduced to Pearl.

Pearl, at age 10 was full of enthusiasm. After only about 35 seconds it was clear to me that Pearl loved science. So I decided to tell her about my crazy science alter ego. This alter ego is a really cool chick who loves health and biological science and loves telling people about how our cells and organs and bodies all work. "The only problem," I confided to Pearl, "is that she doesn't have a name." Pearl nodded and then she got a glint in her eye and said she'd think of something. I went off to a meeting (being an adult can mean lots of meetings it turns out) and when I returned to my office I was delighted to find this:

Yo Pearl

Thus was born, science's newest super hero "Yo Pearl- The Science Girl". She is my super cool alter ego that can turn everyday boring "science" into real life super hero sized "how cool is that!"

When I'm not being an adult at the Museum, you can find me in my mask and cape bringing science answers to you through the Molecular Cell web site.

To exploration and beyond!

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