John Lee: Supertaster

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By Devin Walecka

Our department head, Dr. Nicole Garneau, who I found out loves They Might Be Giants (last saw them play at Rutgers when she was an undergrad), was stoked when I found the following song. To learn more about supertasters, check out my earlier blog post "Devin the Supertaster: Let Me get My Cape On."

For your listening pleasure I present my kin supertaster- John Lee Supertaster!


When I was 39 years old, I heard a story. I found out that there [are] people walking among us who have superpowers.
These people are called Supertasters. To a Supertaster, bitter fruits taste far more bitter, and sweets far more sweet.
Then, just a few months ago, I had the chance to meet a real, live Supertaster named John Lee.

And this is his true story:

Nothing tastes the same (nothing tastes the same)
To a Supertaster (Supertaster)
When he tastes a pear (tastes a pear)
It's like a hundred pears (it's like a million pears)

He's got superpowers (superpowers)
He is a Supertaster (Supertaster)
Every flavor explodes (explodes and explodes)
Explodes and explodes

John Lee Supertaster
Tastes more than we do
Everything has a flavor
Some flavors are too much

Can't shut his mouth (can't shut his mouth)
'Cause he's a Supertaster (Supertaster)
Though he looks like a man (talks like a man)
He is a Supertaster (Supertaster)

Can't drink coffee or beer (coffee or beer)
'Cause he's a Supertaster (Supertaster)
Loves ice cream and pie (ice cream and pie)
He is a Supertaster

John Lee Supertaster
Tastes more than we know
Everything has a flavor
Some flavors must go

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