Snowmastodon Science Continues


The Snowmastodon Project science team was reunited in June! Scientists presented preliminary data from their areas of expertise during a three-day conference. The team will continue to study evidence from the Ice Age site until their findings are ready to be published. Labs from California to England have samples of bones, plants, insects, sediment, and biomolecules from the site. The knowledge will be pieced together to understand how high-elevation ecosystems in the Rockies have weathered climate change over time and also determine how the site came to exist in its unusual state. The team is photographed with just some of the specimens from the site.


Standing left of post, from the left

Front row: Adam Freierman, Kaitlin Stanley, Gussie Maccracken, Steven Holen, Brittany Grimm, Frank Krell

Second row: Russell Graham, Corinna Troll, Saxon Sharpe, Richard Stucky, Tyler Kerr

Third row: Nate Fox, Paul Carrara, Lesley Petrie, Hannah O'Neill, Douglas Kline, Nathaniel Lifton

Back row: Scott Anderson, Peter Brown

Standing right of post, from left

Front row: Laura Strickland, Harrison Gray

Second row: Danielle Haskett, Tom Ager, Greg McDonald, Jeff Pigati

Third row: Jeff Honke, David Porinchu, Carol Lucking, Stephen Nash

Fourth row: Dick Baker, Gonzalo Jiménez Moreno, Michael Cherney, Shannon Mahan

Back row: Cody Newton, Dane Miller, Joseph Street, Scott Elias, Samantha Richards, John Demboski

On ladder

From bottom: Joe Sertich, Ian Miller, Kirk Johnson


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