Space Odyssey


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9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
The Museum is open seven days a week year-round.


FREE (through December 2014) We recognize our state's current fiscal situation and its affect on K-12 budgets. That's why we've made it more affordable than ever to visit the Museum.


Minimum 10 students, 1 adult required


Location: Level 1

Explore the cosmos. Visit Mars. Make your own discoveries!

As you emerge from an entry corridor with views of space, a dramatic Martian canyon lies to your right. To your left, dust and gas swirl in giant nebulae. This is Space Odyssey, where the universe is yours to explore-and where space news headlines are brought to life.

Let knowledgeable Museum Galaxy Guides lead the way as you investigate using hands-on exhibits, live performances, and demonstrations.

Astronaut on Mars, Mars Outpost
Step up to the window of a diorama and look at Candor Chasma on Mars. Watch an "astronaut" conduct research, and ask questions via walkie-talkie to find out about living in space. Stop at the Experiment Bar to make discoveries about Mars.

Space Demos
Check out Space Today News, Science on a Sphere, DMNS Weather Central, Mission: Superchill, Zero Gravity Training, Galileo and the Leaning Tower of Pizza, and other space demos.

Museum Galaxy Guides
Specially trained Museum Galaxy Guides use state-of-the-art teaching tools to answer your questions about the universe. Includes Seasons and Moon Phases carts, Orbits table, Spectroscopy cart, and much more.


FILL OUT THE FIELD TRIP REQUEST FORM ONLINE TODAY or call 303.370.6000, daily, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Reservations are required.

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